While all stories, such as videos that appear online, can be referred to as digital stories, there is a specific process for what has become known as the Digital Storytelling (DS) movement or method. The movement was pioneered by the Centre for Digital Storytelling in Berkeley, CA ( and has "transformed the way that community activists, educators, health and human services agencies, business professionals, and artists think about the power of personal voice, in creating change." During the workshop, participants share stories about significant memories in a safe atmosphere, that also challenges them to reflect deeply on meaning and perspective. Participants in this social group become tightly knit, and offer valuable feedback and encouragement. For seniors who may be at risk of social isolation, the connections made are crucial to feeling heard and accepted. The resulting stories can be about anything because everyone has a story to tell. When workshops take place within a certain culture or place the stories tend to reflect that, as you will see in the three examples below. The following Digital Stories were created by local seniors for the New Horizon’s for Seniors project through the Dr. Kingston Memorial Community Health Centre.