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The theatre production that resulted from the New Horizon's Arts for Seniors project can best be described as either Theatre for Social Change (TfSC) or Theatre for Development (TfD). This type of theatre can express a social commentary that mirrors that of the community or society from which it originates. It must also endeavor to provide a learning opportunity for the audience. In this case, the production of Senior Moments presented insight on being a senior in Richmond County. Rather than hiring a director, decisions around the production are collaborative, meaning everyone - performers, writers, stage handlers, costume designers, etc. - have a say in how the production unfolds.

The group decided to present the program in three acts. The first was representative of childhood memories from seniors' perspectives, the second part focused on working life, and the third act captured living as a senior in Richmond County currently. The group represented different aspects in a series of songs and skits.

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